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Lorna Graev
a.k.a. (also known as)
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Larry Graev, Lorna Graev, Fountain House vice chair at the Fountain House 2009 Fall Fete in New York. Photo: Nick Hunt Patrick McMullan Photography

Lorna Hyde Graev is a public relations businesswoman.

Mrs. Graev is married to Lawrence Graev.
Previous marriage ended in divorce.

Starting in 1967, Mrs. Graev worked in public relations for Christian Dior, both in New York City and Paris. She continued her successful career in fashion by becoming Jones Apparel Group's spokesperson for Christian Dior's sportswear line in 1979. Four years later she went to work for Richard Feigen and Company, specializing in Old Masters and Impressionist paintings. She studied Art History at Christie's in London and at New York University.

Vice Chair, Fountain House
Member, BCRF Lay Advisory Board
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