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Hammer Museum
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Mission Statement
The Hammer Museum explores the capacity of art to enhance the full range of human experience. Through its collections, exhibitions, and programs the Hammer illuminates the depth and diversity of artistic expression through the centuries, with a special emphasis on the art of our time. At the core of the Hammers mission is the recognition that artists play a crucial role in all aspects of culture and society. As cultural center, the Museum advances UCLA's mission by contributing to the intellectual life of the campus and the community at large.

The Hammer Museum opened to the public in November 1990. Founded by Dr. Armand Hammer, former Chairman of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, the Museum was designed by architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. Financed by Occidental, the Museum was built adjacent to the Corporations international headquarters in Westwood. At that time, the Museum featured galleries for Dr. Hammers collections old master paintings and drawings, and a collection of works on paper by Honore Daumier and his contemporaries as well as galleries for traveling exhibitions. Dr. Hammer died in December 1990, three weeks after the opening of the Museum. Upon his death, all construction was halted and the building was never completed, leaving many spaces unfinished most importantly, the 300-seat theater on the courtyard level.

In 1992, the Museum began negotiations with its neighbor, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to assume the management and operations of the institution. In April 1994, the partnership with UCLA was finalized and the following year the University relocated to the Hammer its collections and the staff of the Wight Art Gallery and the Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts. The Hammer also assumed responsibility for the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, located at the north end of the UCLA campus.

Henry Hopkins, then director of the Wight gallery and professor in the Department of Art, became director of the Museum until his retirement in 1998. In 1999 Ann Philbin was named director.

Today, the Museums exhibitions present contemporary and historical work in all media of the visual arts. Through its exhibitions, the Museum is committed to promoting cultural understanding, to introducing the work of underrepresented artists, and to interpreting art of the past and present. In addition to selections from its permanent collections, the Museum has a series of temporary exhibitions, including Hammer Projects. All of the Museums exhibitions are accompanied by extensive public programs.

In its role as a cultural center, the Museum endeavors to be a vibrant intellectual forum for the exploration of cultural, political, and social issues. To this end, the Museum offers a rich variety of public programs such as lectures, symposia, film series, readings, and musical performances.

The Hammer Museum is operated by the University of California, Los Angeles. Occidental Petroleum Corporation has partially endowed the Museum and constructed the Occidental Petroleum Cultural Center Building, which houses the Museum.

Key People

Hammer Museum
Ann Philbin, Director

Board of Directors

Chairman Emeritus
Michael A. Hammer
Dr. Armand Hammer

Chairman and President
John V. Tunney
Vice President
Nelson C. Rising
Steven A. Olsen

Roy H. Aaron
Gene D. Block
Lloyd E. Cotsen
Samuel P. Dominick
Frank O. Gehry
Richard W. Hallock
Werner H. Kramarsky
James M. Lienert
Lee Ramer
Michael Rubel
Andrea Van de Kamp
John Walsh
Christopher A. Waterman
Helen Zell

Board of Overseers
Peter Benedek
Lloyd E. Cotsen
Rosette Delug
George Freeman
Bronya Galef
Harriett Gold
Murray Gribin
Stanley Hollander
Linda Janger
Werner H. Kramarsky
Erik Murkoff
Susan Nimoy
Catherine Opie
Lee Ramer 
Phil A. Robinson
Michael Rubel
Ronnie Sassoon
Susan Steinhauser
Michael Straus
David Teiger
Dean Valentine
James Welling
Jeremy Zimmer

Special Events
Media Coverage
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1.Alphaeus Taylor
2.Andrew Taylor
3.Ann Ellegood
4.Ann Moss
5.Ann Philbin
6.Armie Hammer
7.Barbara Davis
8.Ben Harper
9.Ben Stiller
10.Benedikt Taschen
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