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New York Botanical Garden
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2008 Holiday Train Show. Photo: Gustavo Campos/ Patrick McMullan

The New York Botanical Garden is a museum of plants, an educational institution, and a scientific research organization. Founded in 1891 and now a National Historic Landmark, it is one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world and the largest in any city in the United States, distinguished by the beauty of its diverse landscape and extensive collections and gardens, as well as by the scope and excellence of its programs in horticulture, education, and science.

The Botanical Garden's curated living collections contain more than 1 million plants; its Continuing Education program is the largest and most diverse of any botanical garden in the world; its Children's Education program has been a pioneer in innovative, informal science discovery facilities and activities; and its scientific research on plants and fungi is unmatched in scope, depth, and authority.

The Garden's resources are as exceptional as its programs. They include the most important botanical and horticultural library in the world and an herbarium that is the fourth largest in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The greenhouses are the most sophisticated behind-the-scenes facility at any botanical garden in the United States, and the conservatorya New York City Landmarkis the largest Victorian-era glasshouse in America.

The Garden also offers a sweeping 250-acre landscape, 50 curated display gardens, an expansive 50-acre native Forest, and a wealth of programs, exhibitions, and activities for visitors to enjoy. The grounds display masterpieces, some dating to the 1840s, by many of the nations most accomplished architects and designers, both past and contemporary. The Botanical Garden's innovative programs, unparalleled resources, and talented staff are rivaled by few and exceeded by none.

Key People
Board of Managers Dominique Browning
Fiscal year ending June 30, 2007 Mrs. Coleman P. Burke
Kevin Burke
Officers Mrs. Richard L. Chilton, Jr.
Chairman Mrs. Jonathan C. Clay
Wilson Nolen Larry E. Condon
Mrs. Marvin H. Davidson
Chairman of the Executive Committee Robert Esnard
Lionel Goldfrank III Mrs. Edith B. Everett
Gregory Long
Ricardo R. Fernndez, Ph.D.
Spencer Foreman, M.D.
Robert Garrett
Chairman Emeritus
Thomas J. Hubbard
Amy P. Goldman, Ph.D.
Mrs. Andrew Heiskell C. Robert Henrikson
Senior Vice Chairman
Lewis B. Cullman
Harry P. Kamen
Karen Katen
Edith W. Kean
Vice Chairmen
Edward P. Bass
James Benenson, Jr.
Larry E. Condon
Eugene P. Grisanti
Kenneth Roman
William C. Steere, Jr.
Shelby White
Thomas E. Lovejoy, Ph.D.
Serafin U. Mariel Gilbert C. Maurer Lynden B. Miller George M. Milne, Jr., Ph.D.
Mrs. John C. Novogrod William B. OConnor, Esq.
Hon. Dianne T. Renwick
Mrs. Thomas J. Hubbard
Thomas A. Renyi
Mrs. John R. Robinson
William D. Rondina
Assistant Treasurer Adam R. Rose
J.V. Cossaboom Marjorie G. Rosen
Arthur Ross
Second Assistant Treasurer Oliver Sacks, M.D.
Susan M. Maier Andrew Safran
Mrs. Nicholas J. Sakellariadis
Assistant Secretary Gillian Steel
Celeste Kirton Eleanor F. Sullivan
Carmen M. Thain
David L. Andrews, M.D. John A. Thain
Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr.
Gary A. Beller
Ryoichi Ueda
Caroline A. Wamsler, Ph.D.
Mrs. Jeremy H. Biggs

Special Events


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1.Adam Rose
2.Adrian Benepe
3.Alex Kramer
4.Alexandra Lebenthal
5.Alexis Clark
6.Amy Goldman
7.Andrea Fahnestock
8.Anne Harrison
9.Anne Hubbard
10.Barbara Cirkva Schumacher
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The New York Botanical Garden
200th Street and Kazimiroff Boulevard
Bronx, NY 10458-5126
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MoMA David Rockefeller Award Luncheon MoMA David Rockefeller Award Luncheon